l. ISO 9001-2015 from TUV INTERCET
2.ISO 14001-2015 from TUV INTERCET
3.ISO 3834 from International Welding Institute
4. Global Quality Management (GQM) from UK
5. National Standard Certificate from Iranian Institute for Standard & Industrial Research (for steam boilers)
6. Lioyd's Register Certificate for Valves
7. Organizational Excellence Certificate based on EFQM
8. Green Economy Crystal Statue (Twice)
9.Product Quality Certificate from Iranian Petroleum Association (NACI)
10. Kaizen Official Citation
11. Qualification certificate of the company as a contractor awarded by Vice - Presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision
      Grade 1 for industry and mine
      Grade 1 for oil and gas field
      Grade 3 for Installations & Equipment
      Grade II for Power / Electricity
      Grade 3 for road and transportation
      Grade 4 for water
12. Certificate of competency for engineering and construction
     Grade 1 for Oil and gas
     The company has a basic contractor certification for an oil and gas field under the field of "transmission lines, tanks, pumps and oil and gas networks.
13.Certificate of competency for consulting services
     Grade 1 for oil and gas transmission lines
14. Qualification certificate of Designing and Fabrication awarded by Vice - Presidency
15. Crystal Statue for Sport, Labour and Industry
16. Total Quality Management (TQM)
17. Superior exporter of the country in 2001
18. Superior industrial unit for productivity in two consecutive years 2001 & 2002
19. Certificate awarded by Khwarizmi Festival and Ministry of Industries & Mines in 2001 and 2002
20. Superior R & D Unit for Izeh Open Spandrel Arch Bridges
21. Official Citation awarded by the Ministry of Petroleum for successful execution of South Pars Gas Field Development Project - Phases 4&5
22. Certificate awarded by the Department for Supervision over Industrial Safety of the Republic of Belarus.