Machine Sazi Arak Co. (MSA) was founded in 1967 in an area of 134 hectares in Arak city to meet the country's industrial needs and build industrial units, produce all kinds of machinery, equipment and other industrial products as the first Iran heavy industry. The company's infrastructure is such that all product flow activities ranging from raw material production to final product delivery, which has created unique and strategic flexibility in providing the country's industrial needs and has always been a leader as an industry maker.

This large industrial complex under the ownership of Teachers Reserve Fund Institute is the first and largest industrial complex in the country. MSA with more than half a century of brilliant history in the field of industrial development and infrastructure and with scientific capabilities, about 2,000 experts, experienced specialists, advanced equipment and modern facilities in form of five different manufacturing groups, four subsidiary companies and two support groups and an university of applied science and technology has the ability to carry out large national and international projects and produces 77 different types of products in the following business areas:

Machine Sazi Arak is the only industrial complex in the country that has a wide range of various production and implementation of industrial projects and has an organization consisting of various manufacturing groups and executive departments in form of five manufacturing groups:

And the Deputy Director of Project Affairs has been organized for the implementation of specific EPC projects as a public contracting and five independent companies called the following:

MSA Engineering and Construction Company
Paysaz Company
Akam Oil and Gas Company
Hoopadmashin Company
Kansar Company

Over the years of effort and experience, the company has been able to develop production lines and construction of large machinery and metalworking workshops and forging and casting workshops and optimizing these lines and having the latest hardware and software facilities and specialized technical knowledge takes steps to meet the needs of customers and rely on competitive experiences and advantages such as diverse machinery and production processes and flexibility of production lines as one of the country's infrastructure and strategic industries carry out many projects that are new in design and technology and completed for the first time in the Iran.

The company's main activities and products are:
General contracting and EPC projects, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of various storage and spherical tanks, mobile and fixed pressure vessels, distillation towers, heat exchangers, air coolers, indirect heat exchangers, gas stations, mobile oil treating units, valves and wellhead equipment, drilling rigs, various process pumps for the oil and gas industry, cranes and hydro-mechanical equipment for dams, water tubes, fire tube and cycles combination steam boilers, bridges and heavy steel structures, steel and cement factory equipment, all types of alloy steels, pressure flanges, industrial rings, , axle and railways tires, steel balls, heavy machining, industrial furnaces, machineries and plant equipment, wind power plants, incinerators and ship unloader equipment. Mining and port equipment, incinerators, reconstruction, modernization and overhaul of industries.